Puerto Eden Here We Come!

Saoirse in Puerto Eden
Archival Photo – Saoirse awaits the arrival of the new team for the continuation of the Patagonia Projects – Whale Study. (c) Keri-Lee Pashuk 2016



We are nearly ready to go again to return to the Golfo de Tres Montes for round two of the whale mortality studies. This time around we have a new scientific team, charged with revisiting the fiords where the whales lie , both to repeat some of the studies to see how things have changed over the months since the February trip, and to begin some exciting new studies based on what we observed at the close of that expedition.  We plan to augment our data and image gathering capability  with the use of both time lapse cameras, sound recordings and a quadcopter.  Stay tuned! Meantime Saoirse is eagerly awaiting our return, tied in its web of lines attached to two huge anchors and six shorelines. She has happily weathered several storms there over the last few months in this fashion, under the watchful eye of  Aliro Vargas Traimonte and family. Our many thanks go to them for keeping her safe, for their enthusiasm for the project and for the many centolla dinners enjoyed by Greg while securing the boat over the rest period! — Greg, Punta Arenas April 25, 2016

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