Last minute food purchases, a literal boat-load!

Photo via @macdreconnell on Instagram, words by Katie

No matter how prepared you may feel for expedition, the final days before embarking are always hectic! Yesterday we spent all afternoon inside the supermarket making the final preparations for the voyage. Lest we forget the most important part… Food! 6 full shopping carts, packed into 30 cardboard boxes– we are crossing our fingers that our 150 eggs survive the trip across the Golfo.

All boxes and extra equipment are packed into a container, deep inside the bowels of the grand Navimag. Anita, Fernanda, Franco, Seba and myself are all aboard, excited to finally unite with Keri, Greg, Alex and Pichi in Puerto Eden. With good weather, we should arrive in 2.5 days.

Signing off until then,