Sei Whale – May 2017                                      (photo:  (c) Keri-Lee Pashuk)

Last May, on our first live sei whale study project, we were fortunate to be able to capture underwater acoustic recordings of what may possibly be sei whales (their were a group of sei whales feeding in the entrance to the narrows where we installed the hydrophone that recorded the sounds).  This was the highlight of the expedition, the deep, resonant sounds giving voice to this elusive, majestic creature.  These voices are the beginning steps into gaining information on the sei whale population of the Golfo Tres Monte Region of Chilean Patagonian, part of the many steps we still need to take towards getting the area protected for the future of these endangered whales and other marine creatures.

Please take time to put on a pair of good headphones or hook your computer up to speakers with quality bass and listen to these voices:

Puerto Natales, Chile
November 27th 2017

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