ROV Highlights: Golfo Tres Montes


The Deeptrekker DTG2 ROV

Here are a few snippets of video from our adventures with the Deeptrekker DTG2 ROV. We’ve been taking it out whenever we have a chance and we have seen some really cool stuff. Since part of the expedition is focused on the mortality of sei whales, we’ve dove on 10 whale skeletons.  We’ve seen long dead whales, who have had thier bones tumbled into new forms, and most recently deceased whales, who are covered with armies of munida, snails, and urchins. We have also snuck away(With permission and all the requisite saftey gear) from the main group for a few ‘dives of personal interest’ on some really, really cool areas. Hope you enjoy our look at the underwater world of the Gulfo Tres Montes!

MichaelMichael, The Deep Trekker and Saoirse

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