Ventus Terra

It’s a typical Patagonia spring day here in Puerto Natales – blowing a gale at 45 knots and gusting to 68 knots.  The water is whipping white on the sea and the port has been closed now for 3 day due to gale force winds. I am so relieved that we are not sitting at anchor, bobbing around back and forth and wondering if the anchor is going to hold.
I’m writing from a dining table in a house up on the hill with the best view in town.  Greg is on Saoirse, and Saoirse is on dry land!  Whether that is a good thing or not as Saoirse has a 3.3 metre keel and a 22 metre mast.
We are here to do some maintenance on the boat before we begin the upcoming austral sailing sea and whale studies.  (more on this coming up!)
Greg just called to let me know that the sailboat hauled out next to us hasn’t blown over yet.   And neither has Saoirse.  Yes, sometimes when you are in the Land of the Wind, it is good to be on land!
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